COVID-19 Response Instructions for Mannam Church


Stage 1 (Prevention)
No reported infections in LA County and surrounding areas

  1. Public services (Sunday, Wednesday, daily prayer) and other small group meetings will be held as usual.
  2. Greet each other through eye contact or hand gestures while in church.
  3. Use the hand sanitizers that are available throughout the church building.
  4. Those who have visited areas that have reported cases of COVID-19 infections should self-quarantine and physically stay away from church for at least two weeks.


Stage 2 (Caution)
Infections reported in LA County or surrounding areas

  1. Public services (Sunday, Wednesday, daily prayer) and will be held as usual.
  2. All activities other than the public services will be suspended temporarily, including, but not limited to, Friday youth group, Korea School, choir practice during the week, pastoral home visits, Bible study classes, and small group meetings.
  3. Non-church activities that utilize the church building such as Boy Scout and Joy Praise Team will also be suspended temporarily.
  4. Individuals choosing to wear face masks will be permitted during public services.
  5. Church will temporarily suspend providing meals and snacks.
  6. Church members can choose to join the Sunday service via the Internet.
  7. An online transfer service for offering will be provided to the church members who choose to join the Sunday service via the Internet.



Stage 3 (Warning)
Infections reported in the Valley or church neighborhood

  1. Sunday services (KM, EM, Education Department) will continue to be held.
  2. All other public services (Wednesday, daily prayer) will be suspended temporarily.


Stage 4 (Critical)
Infection spreading in the Valley and reported cases among the church members

  1. All services at church building will be suspended temporarily.
  2. Sunday service will be held via the Internet
  3. All members will be advised to physically stay away from church.


  • Please contact the church office for any questions or to request assistance. (818-882-9191)
  • Preventative measures will be taken on the building, equipment, and various tools and utensils after the Sunday service.
  • In case of suspected COVAD-19 infection, contact:

    LA County Department of Public Health
    (213) 240-7941 (8am-5pm, M-F)
    (213) 974-1234 (Afterhours)

    Orange County Health Care Agency Health Referral Line
    (800) 564-8448